Pitt Senior Faculty Fellows

The Humanities Center seeks to work more closely with outstanding colleagues to support their research and also to develop excellent, innovative programming that extends that research.

We will appoint each year a Senior Fellow.  In return for a 2-course release, the Senior Fellow will over a period of 2 years join the Advisory Committee and help plan a program of workshops, conferences, and other events related to the large issues of his/her work.  We expect these events to make use of our Short-term Visiting Fellows, Early-Career Fellows, and Pitt internal fellows, as well as our Dietrich School Postdoctoral Fellows. Others may be brought in as well, from Pitt and elsewhere.  Overall, some portion of each year’s Humanities Center activities will be coordinated, but it won’t limit us to a single annual theme.  By serving on the Advisory Committee, the Senior Fellow will play a substantial, collaborative role in planning not only events but also Fellowships for future years.  This Senior Fellowship is also open to current members of the Advisory Committee.  In the event that any members apply, the Director will appoint an independent committee of department chairs and chaired professors to make the selection, to avoid possible conflict of interest.  We are pleased to welcome Jennifer Whiting as our first Pitt Senior Faculty Fellow.
Applications for the Senior Pitt Faculty Fellowship are due Monday, October 30, 2017. During periods when we accept applications to become a Senior Pitt Faculty Fellow of the Humanities Center, application information will be posted here.